Monday, March 16, 2015

potato seed and geo fabric

After six months I have taken off a couple of beds of veg that I planted with geo cloth as weedmat so I can evaluate it before committing to putting it on more of my beds.
I have to say that it surpassed all my expectations. When I take it off the beds the soil underneath is still lovely and soft with no compaction at all. It is fresh and not sour as you can get with plastic, and even with normal weedmat.
Combined with the  huge reduction in weeds, and therefore work, I am very pleased and will definitely use it on more beds when I get the money to buy more. After ordering the greenhouses tomorrow it will be a while before I can afford to buy anything else. I am crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong for quite a while, lol.

After complaining for a long time that I can't get my spuds to make true seed I was checking my gourds and found a dying 'Toolangi Delight' plant with 8 seed balls on it under the gourds foliage. Wow, I immediately got the seeds out and have them drying so I can plant them next spring. I wish they were from a coloured flesh potato but beggars can't be choosers.

It is easy to grow potatoes from true seeds and because they are all polyploidy there is a good chance of getting a new variety to name if you plant enough seeds. I have no idea of the parentage of Toolangi Delight so the seedlings will be a surprise.

I have now planted most of my winder veg and am just waiting on a few more beds to be cleared to double up on some popular types like snow peas and mangel wurzels. After some long days I am looking forward to some rest.

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