Friday, March 6, 2015

Pepinos, rosella and skirrit

Wow, it has been a sudden transformation from summer to autumn, with the days now decidedly cool. I still look at the forecaste each day expecting a return to hot weather but so far it is showing the next week to be lovely and cool at around 20C. All we need now is for Hewie to send us some rain (for those of you outside of Australia Hewie (or Hughie) is our imaginary - what other sort is there! - rain god).

 The pepinos have responded to the cooler weather by pumping out heaps of fruit.
I have found that they are too late for outside and it is a race to get the fruit ripe before frost - which I usually lose, but in the polytunnel they fruit all year without harm.

I have 5 young plants that I grew from seed this year but they are not flowering yet so I will have to put them in the new hothouses when we get them next month and see if they do better in there.

My rosellas are also going to town with flowers. The calyxes are a bit smaller than I expected but there are many of them. I won't be picking them this year as I am keeping them all for seed but I did pick off a piece of calyx to taste and it was pleasantly tangy. I can understand why people like them.

Next year I will grow more of them as the leaves and calyxes will make a good addition to my market stalls.

I only have a few skirrit plants, well six to be excact, and only one is flowering. A couple of them are big enough to divide but I guess the time to divide them might be in spring.

I am eager to have a taste of a root as it is said that they are quite sweet. Anyway, I will let you know when I get them out of the ground.

I am hoping I get enough offsets from my few plants to make a good amount of new plants for the future.

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