Sunday, March 1, 2015

Official start to Autumn, yay

Yay, it is the official start to autumn today. I know mother nature does not follow our calendar but it is cooler today and after tomorrows 27c we are in for a coolish week in the low 20s. I can almost allow myself to hope that we have seen the last of the hot days but we still have time for some more yet.

Yesterday I attended the first Hamilton market for the year. There were more people there than I expected and though I didn't bring a lot of fresh veg I sold a lot of seeds to people thinking of their autumn planting. I am glad I got off my behind the past couple of weeks to do a lot of packets of seed.

Here is half of my stall after most of my stuff has been sold. I really should remember that I have my camera at the start so I can take a good pick of my tables.

 Last week my Autumn crocus started shooting and now they are flowering away merrily. They always bring a nice splash of colour to the garden at this time of year when everything is looking dull.

I am starting to plant more flowers though the beds as they look great as well as feeding pollinating insects when not much else is flowering.
I have been planting multi use flowers that could also have potential in the future for sale as vase flowers.

I have a lot of beds empty right now waiting till Tuesday when the cooler weather starts for me to start sowing. I always look forward to this time of year when I am getting everything ready for winter crops.

I just have to choose what will get planted where, and what will miss out this year because I don't have enough bed space, that is the hard bit.

The long range weather forecast shows that we will probably get a warmer than average autumn with little rain and perhaps a late break.
It will mean more watering for longer but I will take that if the frosts are late and we don't get any more searing days. Well, I can always keep my fingers crossed.

I have been busy today harvesting spaghetti squash and Hamburg Parsley seed, as well as putting dried seed in containers and various other odd jobs. Another week and all the corn and the Small Sugar pumpkins can come in and be stored.

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