Monday, March 23, 2015

New greenhouses arrived and arracacha adventures

My new polycarbonate greenhouses arrived this morning, just as I was pulling down the old polytunnel. I wasn't expecting them till tomorrow so I am glad I was home.

Here are the 20 boxes sitting in the shed ready to be put together.
I rang them to see where the DVD instruction and my receipt is and they said they are in one of the boxes, but couldn't tell me which one.
I cut open a couple of boxes until I found a paper instruction manual - wow, it looks complicated, maybe I should go through more boxes and try and find the DVD. I have asked my sister to come over and help tomorrow. She doesn't know what she is in for.

Here I have taken off the plastic skin and the steel frame but I will leave the wood posts as extra support for the greenhouses.
After taking down the frame and skin I had to start digging out all the raised beds and removing those  whew, what a job.
I have done half of them and will build the first greenhouse tomorrow before tackling the other 4 raised beds.
The frame will go into the Back block and I will put bird netting over it for the berry plants. That is a job for next month.

One of the raised beds had my arracacha growing in it. I finally found that they grow best under plastic and if I could have left them another three months to fatten up their roots I would have - but, they had to come out, so I took off the small roots they did have, divided them and replanted them into pots until I get another suitable bed ready.

Now it will be another year before I will have decent roots *sigh*

At least I ended up with a few roots to try for the first time.
I nibbled on one raw and found out that everyone is right, they are not good to eat raw as they have a nasty aftertaste.
Cooked, they are absolutely delicious. I had them steamed and served with a knob of butter and a pinch of pepper, wow.
They have the texture and stickiness of potato and taste a bit like cabbagy potato but even better. I don't like cabbage but I love these, I could eat them every day.

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