Saturday, March 14, 2015

New greenhouse and out and about with Woodsy

I spent the morning at the Merino produce swap. There wasn't much swapping going on today but lots of chatting which is just as good. I came home with some almond biscuits and a couple of bags of rocky road though which went down well with mum who loves rocky road.

I am excited (I am often excited I realise). We have saved up enough money to get two polycarbonate greenhouses next week. I wanted three but we (mum and me) just didn't have enough money and we need to get them soon because the mornings are getting quite cold now.

I just have to wait till some of the money I transferred appears in my bank account, probably Tuesday. Then comes the work of taking down the old polyhouse and putting up the new ones. I hope they are not too difficult. The old polytunnel frame will be going out on the back block and covered with bird netting for the berries.

I took Woodsy (yeah, I still haven't had any inspiration on a name) out on inspection this morning.
Here she is checking out some beetroot seedlings. The seedlings are bounding along with the great weather lately and I will have to thin them out shortly. I am going to clear another bed to put these thinnings in as I like to have a lot of beets to sell over the winter.

I told you that my tamarillos shed nearly all their fruit in the hot weather in January. Well one of the bushes managed to keep a few fruits on and I notice today that a couple of them are beginning to lighten in colour. I think I will prune this particular bush down and keep it just in case it also manages to set more fruit next year.

As you can see, I still haven't been able to find some suitable clothes for Woodsy yet. I might have to make some myself, though I suck at sewing and making things out of fabric.

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