Friday, March 20, 2015

March doings

Well, our new greenhouses are on their way and I am back to being broke again. I am hoping they will arrive monday but freight companies are not known for their punctuality. I am going to have to pull down the polytunnel on sunday (I am heading to a show tomorrow to sell seeds). I really hope the new ones are not too hard to put up, and they can cope with out strong spring winds. Oh well, time will tell.

 As you can see the blocks are looking very dry and bare right now. This is D block but they are all looking similar.
Although many beds look empty they are all full of seeds germinating so in a month or so they will be looking fabulous.
I am having to water the germinating beds every day to keep them damp but with the weather cooling down now it won't be long till every two days will do it.

All the Small Sugar pumpkins are ready to pick and store now. My mother, who is my pumpkin taster because she loves pumpkin, rates them as delicious, but I am not sure how they will go at the markets as the skins are so hard you need an axe to get into them. They are even harder to cut than QLD blues.

Maybe I will buy a new, clean saw and offer to cut them at the table when someone buys them, or, I can just advise people to throw them on a concrete floor to get into them, hmmm.

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