Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Greenhouse trials

Boy, these polycarbonate greenhouses are complicated to put up. All the bits come in what seems to be dozens of boxes and each has a huge assortment of pieces in them.
I managed to find the instruction booklet which made me feel like a fool as it was so hard to work out - even though it is all in English. They give you 8 hours to put it up in the manual but it will be three days for me. I can't see how in the world they think that anyone who has not put one up before can do it in one day. I think it will take me at least a day and a half to get the next one up after this.

Every page looks like this:

Seems reasonable easy but what you always forget is to put the extra bolts in the channels so I was forever having to unscrew pieces to put in more bolts to add more pieces, and the pictures are making me tear my hair out. It is not plain to see when you have to add extra bolts.Anyway here is what I have done so far (please excuse the wonky pictures).

My sister came along to help yesterday - she didn't come back today I noticed :)

It took us a while to put the doors and window vents together. We didn't realise that this was the easy part, lol.

After putting the base together we had to do the uprights - they are really flimsy at this stage and it is difficult to see how anyone working alone can keep them from falling down. I was so grateful for another pair of hands.
This green house is 2.5m x nearly 4 metres if you are interested. The next one is the same size.

 Now I had most of the wall bracing in but as you can see I still had to tie one side to a post to stop it from falling down.It is impossible to put these things up with one person.

Little did I know that I later had to take just about every piece apart again to add more bolts for later attachments.
 This is how yesterday ended.

This morning I got to doing both ends
 And here we are with the ends more or less finished. Now to make the roof frame.

After putting up most of the roof frame I decided to cement in the feet. The instructions say to leave that til last but I had to stop work at 4 pm as the wind was building up and I didn't want to be putting in the polycarbonate panels in the wind, and I didn't want it blowing down in the night.

After cementing the feet with instant concrete I had to remove a heap more bolts so I could add more bolts into the channels to put in more bracing.

I am please to say that there is only one piece that doesn't fit (A wall brace) and I will get out my tek screws later to fix that.

I am exhausted but at least I will be finished tomorrow. It doesn't seem like it but it is far more time consuming that it looks from these pictures.

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