Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Defining Autumn, and interesting websites to check out.

Autumn is definitely here, my Chinese yams are colouring up and as I walk down the street I can see all the ornamental pear street trees going purple. It seems like tomorrow will be the last hot day until next summer and the mornings are decidedly chilly now. It is all feeling great for me. I love Autumn.

The Chinese yams are going yellow and dropping their leaves. This one has been in the raised bed for two years and although it never produced stem tubers I am guessing the underground tuber will be a decent size. I will dig it up when the leaves have all dropped.

While I had a few minutes of spare time I decided to make a list of interesting websites for some fruits and vegetables. Some of these sites I visit regularly - like the carrot one with its amazing and detailed information, and the rhubarb site, but others are ones I just stumbled across and seemed like they had some info that might interest someone.

At the moment I am working on a new website (glutton for punishment, lol) about all the so called 'Lost crops of the Incas' that I grow.



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