Sunday, March 8, 2015

Caigua, corn and gourds

I was busy a moment ago scooping out seeds from a mound of mini capsicums when I suddenly remembered that I have to make this post of my sister will ring and hound me to do it. So I found some pics on my camera I took yesterday and here it is, lol.

 I have a couple of Caigua, otherwise known as Achocha (Cyclanthera pedata) that I put in this year as my seed stock was getting low.
This is a native of the Andes and is still unknown in most areas. It is a vine that produces masses of these slipper-shaped fruits that are cooked, usually stuffed as they are hollow, in stews or sometimes juiced.

To be honest I don't like the flavour or texture of them but like to have some seeds on hand in case someone wants some. It is a carefree plant that doesn't seem to self seed so it is not a hardship to grow it in an unused spot.

Here is another picture of my flour corn. I am sure I planted a few dark seeds in the beds but I didn't get any dark kernels so maybe I am mistaken. I am not sure I like the amount of chinmarking (red stripes) on the kernels but it seems to amuse customers.
Luckily on my sweet corn I got a lot of spotty kernels which are very interesting. I might grow a couple of beds of just them next spring.

I took some cobs of both the sweet and flour corn to the Sandford market today and everyone was amazed by the colours. They have only seen yellow corn.
My gourds have been a bit of a disappointment this year. One two plants have grown to bearing size and they one have one fruit each, albeit big fruit.

I love growing gourds even though they are a bit of a waste of space and water for what they produce. I just find them fascinating.

I really must start getting some projects done with the dry gourds I have gathering dust in the garage.

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