Tuesday, March 31, 2015

At last, an end to the greenhouse saga

I had a couple of friends around yesterday to help me put up the second greenhouse. I found that it doesn't matter if you have put one up before, the next is still just as much of a pain to erect, I think the person who designed these things needs to be made to put ten of them up themselves before announcing them fit to sell to gardeners who have never put them up before.

 My friends had put one of these up before (a smaller one, and with just as much trouble as I had with the first) so we figured with our prior experience we would be able to do better this time.
We thought we would try a different tack by building the walls and ends first and then sticking them all together.
Well, that didn't work any better than doing it bit by bit by the book. I expected there to be much more swearing but my visitors were amazingly restrained, lol.

 This time we propped up the walls with steel droppers. This helped a lot as we then had more hands to sort out all the other very fiddly bits.
HEY, SPROUTWELL, please design the fiddly bits better.
 Oh well, after working with my friends from early till after dark yesterday, and then me doing all the left over bits today and cementing it in it only took the three of us one and a half days this time.
I had to redo a few things that we got wrong last night because it was dark and we were tired but it all got fixed up with my battery screwdriver and some tek screws.
Whew, I was planning on getting another one when I have enough money but now I am having second thoughts.
I am so glad it is done.

As promised when I mentioned them last, here is a picture of a hopniss (American groundnut, Apios americana) flower. They are darker than I expected and I am hoping they will be fertilised and able to set seed.

Oh, and an update about the yautia tasting, I tried the tuber boiled again tonight and got the needles in the mouth again for some reason so the plants are going. I don't have room for them if they are inedible.
The only reason I can think of that boiling them a couple of nights ago didn't get thet reaction is that maybe the problem is in the skin and tonight I didn't peel it well enough. Either way, I can't sell them if people might have this problem so I will make room for something else.


  1. That's a shame abut the yautia. But hurray to the greenhouses! What a lot of work.

  2. Rowan,
    if only I had known, I could have offered some advice on the construction. I also had a bow in my roof, which I fixed (NOT with a Stanley knife...) by adding more robust diagonal struts between the wall verticals and the rafters, and horizontal ones between the rafters under the ridge. I went and bought some thick angle aluminium (about 40 mm), sawed and bent tabs on the ends, then just used the bolts provided to replace the existing struts. the bow in the roof seems to be due to the weight of the roof sagging in the middle, and pushing the side walls out a little bit. Stiffer struts has solved the problem.
    I wonder why they don't just supply the kit with the easy slot in bolt heads, rather than the square ones provided - I ended up grinding down the square heads with an angle grinder rather than pulling the whole frame apart - again - when i did my build.