Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My new helper

Today was a busy day collecting and sorting seed. I had a helper along, my little wooden drawing model asked if she could come along so of course I said yes. I will never turn down a request from someone who wants to learn more about growing food.

After we got home I told her that if she wanted to come out with me again she would have to wear clothes, it would be embarrassing if the neighbours started talking about my little nude friend, think of all the perverts!!

 Here is little helper (I am going to have to think of a name for her) having a bath in a bowl of Florence Fennel seed. She really enjoyed it and asked to help a lot more with the seed sorting. It is nice to have someone to talk to about seeds.

Looking out over the garden, we checked on the Silver Edge pumpkins that are setting nicely, unlike last year when the plants never produced any female flowers.

 These pumpkins produce seed that is used for eating instead of the flesh. The seed has hulls on it but I grow it because it produces more seed than the hulless ones and it is not too hard to peel the large seeds.

Helping with the corn, careful you don't fall, you are only little after all and neck height for me is a mountain for you.

It's all good, she got down with a bit of help and pronounced the corn good enough to eat. Whew.

My little helper was very impressed with the tomatoes. Too bad she is far too small to lift any but the small ones.

I haven't had a good year for tomatoes but the smaller types are doing well.

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