Sunday, February 8, 2015

Melons and my bushfoods course

Sorry about the delay in posting. I have just got back from taking a couple of people on a two day bushfoods course. Everyone else cancelled earlier but we still had fun. When I got home I had to rush out and water all the blocks as yesterday was very hot. Luckily all the plants were looking fine.

My first Melon De Luneville was almost ripe. Too bad I was a bit rough when I inspected it and it fell off the vine. If I was more careful I would have waited till tomorrow as the colour would have come out then.
It is supposed to be creamy yellow with orange spots but you can see here that the green spots are just turning orange. It will still taste good though.

I wish the melons were having a better year but I think I will have to wait till next year and cover them all with shadecloth.

On our course we wend yabbying. Unfortunately we didn't get any yabbies, well, we did but they were all too small for eating.
We did catch a baby turtle though. I took this photo of it before we let it go.

This is the reason I don't think people should use opera house type yabby nets as they catch and kill a lot of turtles and other wildlife, not just yabbies.

If you don't have an hour to spend using a drop net you need to organise your time better.

Here we are cooking some puff pastry filled with cream cheese over the campfire for breakfast this morning.

I got the idea off the internet but it didn't work as well as I had hoped, but at least we had a good laugh from it, and they did taste good.

Next time I might stick with damper on a stick filled with golden syrup.

We had a great time although the funny weather this summer meant that there wasn't as much native food around than usual but we still got to see and taste a good variety.

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