Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leaky bath and Chinese yam

I noticed last night when I was watering the back block that one of the baths of water chestnuts seemed to have sprung a leak. The water level is way down and at the soil level. I'm glad it is not the bath with my lotus in it.

 After the water chestnuts are harvested I will have to empty the dirt out of it and redo the plug hole with more silicon.

They are growing well in the bath tubs so I hope I get better and bigger tubers than last season.

My Chinese yam is flowering away but there is no sign of the productions of stem tubers yet.
These plants are dioecious and mine (like most if not all in Australia) is male, so they re not able to pollinate themselves. This is a good thing as they can easily become weeds as they are, by dropping the stem tubers everywhere, without having fertile seeds as well.

If my plants don't produce stem tubers I will have to break apart the raised bed to get at the tubers when they die down in winter. It will be interesting to see how the tubers have developed especially as the soil they are in is a bit heavy.

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