Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rosella, watermelon and more

Sorry it has been a few days since I posted last but the evenings have been so mild that I have been making the best of it when I go out to weed and plant.

 Like all the melons I am not going to get many watermelons this year but at least my trusty Blacktail Mountains are not letting me down.
These little watermelons are so tough that it would have to be an extra bad year for them to die early.

They are not my best tasting watermelon, that award goes to 'Orangeglo' but they are reliable and still taste much better than supermarket ones.

My customers also like them because they are small and easy to put in the fridge.

At long last my rosella bushes have little flower buds on them. I think that although they are late, they will still have time to produce seed.

The flower has a fleshy calyx that is popular in teas and jams. Apparently it tastes like cranberry.

They are a species of hibiscus so I guess they will have showy flowers. I will take another photo when they are in flower.

I just had to take a picture of my tallest sunflower this year. It is a beauty and looks so sunny and happy.

This year the parrots are not waiting for the seed to ripen before they eat them and destroy the flowers so it is difficult to get a good pic of the flowers, this is the only one they are mostly leaving alone, but only because they flowers are still too young and the seed hasn't developed.

I am not going to try and net some of the plants for seed this year as I still have plenty of seed from last year to replant next spring.

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