Friday, February 20, 2015

Corn, lotus and more

With the hot weather continuing it is starting to wear a bit thin. As least with Feb nearly over you can see the end of it, just a few weeks and the weather should cool down. I am so looking forward to it, not only because I like cooler weather but because I will be able to put in a heap of beds of seed.
Most veg seed won't germinate in hot temps so I am itching to have some cool weather to start preparing the beds and sowing.

 Although my lotus plant is putting out lots of new leaves there is still no sign of the 'standing up' types of leaves.
The leaves on the water here don't look as big as they actually are but I am very pleased with the size. Maybe next year the plant will even be big enough to flower.

I love eating lotus root so I am hoping that this experiment teaches me how to grow enough to eat. If the tubers are big enough in the winter I might fill up all the baths with it and just use plastic tubs for the water chestnuts.

My Madagascar beans are doing very well this year and are covered in pods. Each pod only has 2 or 3 beans in it but they are very big beans and there are a lot of pods.
My sister gave me some other large type of bean last year but I mislaid them and by the time I found them again I didn't want to risk planting them in case it was too late. Hers died so these are a bit special and I don't want to risk them. If she doesn't want them back I will put them in next spring.

I have picked a few cobs of my coloured corn. The top picture is the flour corn and the bottom is sweet corn.
I am picking them a bit early, just as they are starting to mature as I can't risk the parrots finding them or I won't have any left one morning. Normally I would like them to dry a bit more on the plants.

The cobs are filled much better than I expected with the heat coming just as they were flowering. Of course many cobs were not pollinated and filled at all, but what I have checked is good.

The sweetcorn is very sweet and delicious. I picked one at milk stage and ate it as I was doing my morning inspection.

You can see that the cobs vary a bit in their size and shapes. I bought seed from a few places to make sure it is genetically diverse and to develop a type that will do well in my conditions so I needed a lot of diversity to start with.
It is exciting to see how they develop each year but I am not selecting at this time (except for the self selecting they are doing with some plants either dying or not producing in these conditions). I do like the look of the long cob in the sweetcorn pic though.

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