Wednesday, February 11, 2015

bamboo and hot pumpkins

With hot weather still hammering my poor plants I am at least grateful that the summer has been cooler than expected up until now. I have been sowing garlic and seed in some of the empty beds ready to germinate when the rain and cooler weather comes.

I have two 'Black Asper' bamboo plants growing on my blocks. One is not doing so well but this one below has really taken off this summer. The new stems are taller than I can reach and maybe I will be able to cut one or two next year for plant stakes.

This bamboo has good, thick stems for making things out of and the shoots are also reputed to be good to eat. It is a clumping bamboo so it won't get out of control.

As you can see, my pumpkins are looking prestty sad in the heat. They do perk up overnight but it is still taking a toll.
I have one pumpkin called 'Small Sugar' which I am trying this year that is standing up to the heat better than my others.

Sorry, I have visitors so I don't have much to talk about or time to write a lot so I will put up a better post in a couple of days,

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