Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zucchini again, and melons ripening

What a lovely cool day. After dire predictions of a scorching summer I have been very happy with the fairly mild summer we have been having so far. There is still a lot of summer to go but I am thankful for every day under 30 degrees that we get.

 You will recall that I was talking about all the different zucchini plants and fruit I am getting this year from an odd fruiting plant last year.
Here are just three different ones that I picked today. There are still many other shapes and colours on other plants.
I am going to have fun with these in the years to come.

A few melons are starting to ripen. This is a Madhu Ras (honey melon) from India. I was expecting more but although it looks nice with the green stripes it tastes just like a supermarket rockmelon.

With the very poor melon season, I am going to have very few fruits to show you this year. I will have to put all my melons under shadecloth next year as the few that are doing ok at the moment are those under shade.

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