Monday, January 5, 2015

The three Cs- corn, kohlrabi and cabbage

Well I cheated a bit on the kohlrabi, but at least k sounds like c, lol.

With the weather staying hot I have decided to stop watering the potatoes. They will die down and shoot again when (and if) the Autumn rains come. It is just not worth watering them in summer as they don't do well in the heat anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures of my poor, burnt corn. The lower leaves have sprung back but many of the male and female flowers are ruined and I will have to see if I can get the flowers on the tillers fertilised in some cooler weather if we get any.

At least I am getting some fabulous kohlrabi at the moment. As long as I can keep the water up they just keep growing. I am glad I put in some extra beds of them.

I have started to train my customers to eat it so at least I will have something to sell over the next couple of months.
I love it as it is such a versatile vegetable. I made some kohlslaw last week with grated kohlrabi instead of cabbage but I wasn't really keen on the texture, but I love it cooked in other ways - boiled, steamed, baked etc.

I am really please with the Portuguese cabbage. This is a cabbage that doesn't produce a tight head although some of the plants are making a loose head as you can see in the second picture.

It tastes just like 'normal' cabbage but the big, loose leaves are great for wrapping, like as in cabbage rolls, and it is tender and juicy. It is not selling well at the markets but it will when people get to know it better.
I think I will keep growing it as it seems like it will be easier to keep slugs out of.

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