Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pretty corn and bush snake beans

I am still waiting for the buckets of rain that has been forecast but I think it has missed us because everywhere else has had rain except us. The forecast is still giving us rain for Monday though. At least today was cool so I didn't have to go out and water.

My little bush snake beans are bearing magnificently and are covered in beans. I should have plenty of seed to sell later as well as a few to eat.

I love snake beans as they have no strings and are mild tasting and this bush variety is small and very compact, perfect for small gardens.
The beans are a bit smaller that the 'regular' climbing snake beans, they are 20-25cm long, whereas the climbing ones get to around 40cm.

I love growing coloured corn. I have coloured sweetcorn in and coloured flour corn. As well as the multicoloured seeds, they have coloured flowers too, and sometimes coloured leaves.

This is a red coloured female flower and below is a red male flower but the colour on that one is harder to see.

Unfortunately I didn't get any red leaved plants and only one variegated plant. It is the luck of the draw really.

I hope with this cooler week that it will give some of the flowers a chance at getting pollinated as hot and windy weather causes the flowers, both male and female, to dry out and be unable to be pollinated.

I have been busy planting a heap of my empty beds to garlic and potato onions.
Unlike most people I always plant my garlic soon after I harvest it for a number of reasons.
1, I hate having the storage space filled up
2, I don't like the risk of losing bulbs in storage
3, After planting I know how much I have left to sell
4, I know I have enough beds for them. I don't want to go out in Autumn and think "where the hell am I going to find room for them?"

Anyway, it always works well and I get large bulbs, well, most years as this year was an exception. I just leave them in the beds and ignore them until they decide it is time to start shooting when the Autumn rains come.

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  1. Those beans look just so cool Ro!