Monday, January 12, 2015

Moringa and those pesky tamarillos

Today was hot again but it is starting to cloud over and the forecast tells us that we should get some rain tonight and tomorrow. I would like to believe them but until I see it I think I will keep on being sceptical, lol.

Sorry for the fuzzy, hurried pics today. I was going to mention it a couple of posts ago but forgot. You know how I have been excited to finally get fruit setting on my tamarillos? well, the frying hot week we had caused all the trees to drop their fruits.

I think I will pull them out as it is not worth all the watering each summer just in the hope of getting an occasional summer mild enough for them to ripen their fruits.

It is a shame as the fruits we sometimes get in the supermarkets imported from New Zealand are pretty poor and I was hoping to be able to sell a few better ones to my customers. I think they would probably do better closer to the coast where they don't get days as hot.

I was looking at my poor little moringa (Moringa olefira) seedlings (they are not coping with the heat well either) and noticed that one of the seedlings has flowers on it. It is only three months old!

It could be the heat stress but if that was the case you would think some of the others would be flowering also.

This is also called the Miracle tree because all parts from the roots, leaves, pods and the flowers are all edible and nutritious.

I tried growing them once before but I put them in too late and they didn't get big enough to survive after the frost cut them down to their tuberous root. I am hoping that I can get them big enough in the next few months to be able to keep them alive over winter.

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