Friday, January 23, 2015

Fun with kohlrabi, and my plans for this year

By now all you know how much I like kohlrabi. I put in a bed of giant kohlrabi during the winter in the hope that it would bolt to seed in spring as I needed more seed quickly.

Well, it must have just been the time of year because most of the plants have been very reluctant to go to seed and instead have decided to just grow more stems from the original stem swellings.
Yesterday I had a closer look at the plants and found that many of them are growing baby kohlrabi stem tubers(?) on these new stems. it looks amazing and they might sell well as 'baby' kohlrabi.

I will be leaving them to grow a bit more to see what happens, or to sell them, who knows, I may leave them for seed, or leave some plants in one of the other beds to bolt to top off my seed stores.

My plans for this year

Up till now I have been very haphazzard with my projects, trying more than I can cope with and abandoning those projects I get tired of. This year I will try (note - TRY) to do only a few projects and do them properly.

I will be trialling more oca seedlings and keeping better records so I can select more carefully those I want to go on with. One of the reasons I have to stop being so lazy with my oca seedling growing is that a forum friend maybe sending me some see to trial for him, and I will be forced to keep better records.
I will be selecting hopefully one or two of last years seedlings to go on with - selecting for heat tolerance and size as well as production. Colour comes after those characteristics.

Although all zucchini tastes the same to me, I have a heap of plants from a weird one I grew last year that are producing fruit in all colours, shapes and sizes right now. Next spring I will plant a heap of seed from these and keep better records to select a couple of unusual and firm fleshed ones to go on with and hopefully stabilise within the next few years.

I am going to try and get some true seed from some coloured varieties to select for kinds with interesting internal colours, and those that will seed well here so I can grow more from my own seed the next season.

After this seasons really bad growing I will start again on my 'Saturn' project and trying to make a round purple 'Parisian' style carrot.

The Plants I grew from seed last year have shown some good variability adn I might try growing a heap more from seed to see what I can find.

The projects above will be what I am concentrating on and I will only start any new projects if I honestly have the time and space.

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