Saturday, January 17, 2015

Eating rhubarb flowers

I am really loving this weather, it is mostly cool most days at the moment with the occasional hot day. It will really help get the corn flowers fertilised.

I have read in a couple of places that rhubarb flowers are edible so I thought I would test this out while I had nothing to do.
It is said that they have even less oxalic acid in them than the leaf stems.

They have to be picked while they are still tightly bunched. I nibbled on some raw and they were a bit sour and not too bad so I picked some and took them inside.

Apparently they are usually battered and deep fried but I don't like the oil wastage of deep frying so I shallow fried them instead. I just made a light, plain batter and coated the flowers, then shallow fried them till golden all over.

They were actually quite nice. They look like fried cauliflower and had an unusual, tangy taste that was pleasant. Unfortunately I think they should be deep fried because they soaked up a lot of the oil so were very oily but a good, hot oil would fix that.

Yes, I would recommend them to eat.

While I was picking the rhubarb flowers I came across a tree frog enjoying the shade of the leaves. These frogs pop up everywhere and I have to be careful not to hurt them especially when I am picking silverbeet.

My Blue Speckled Tepary Beans are ripening now. They are only a small bean, and they are even smaller when dried, but the plants are small too and produce well so it is not too much of a hassle to put a bed of them in. They are usually eaten as a dried bean.
I will have plenty of seed to sell this year.

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