Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tamarillos and alpine strawberries

Ok, so now that my open day and survival course are over I can finally get back into working on the blocks. It is going to be cool for the next few days so I will be busily weeding as the weeds are getting a bit out of control. I spent 10 hours out weeding today and cleaned up a lot. My arms are heavy and sore from hoeing. At least with the heat of summer yet to come in force I don't have to get rid of every weed as they will be burnt off before long.

I am a bit worried that the melons are not setting fruit yet, they have barely any female flowers. They are growing so slowly this year that I am wondering what is wrong as the weather has been great for them. At least we have a long growing season so there is still plenty of time.

 As my regular readers will know, I have been worried about my tamarillos not setting fruit, well, a couple of days ago I was happy to note that one of the shrubs is finally setting.

I love tamarillos, they are delicious and the plants are quite ornamental too. To me they taste like a mix of kiwifruit and passionfruit, I can't get enough of them. It is a pity that they don't suit our weather here with the frosts in winter and heat of summer but they are doing well tucked under a couple of trees for shelter.

They are getting quite big and lanky so I will have to remember to go and tie them to the fences so they don't get blown down in the wind, especialy with a load of heavy fruit on them. Already I have lost a couple of branches as they are very fragile.

I LOVE my bed of white alpine strawberries. The people who attended my open day were equally rapt, they were all fighting for room under the shadecloth hunting for them.

The white ones are sweeter with a more intense flavour than the red and are a favourite of anyone I give them too. I'm glad they are too soft to take to market, more for me, lol.

They are covered with fruit at the moment.

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