Friday, December 26, 2014

It's all about the beans

I hope you all had a great Christmas. My present was a lovely cool day so I didn't have to go out and water.

I am growing four kings of beans this summer. Not normal runner types as they don't handle our summer heat though. I am not a bean eater (except I love baked beans from the can) but people love to buy different kinds of colourful bean seeds so I will build up my stocks as I go for sale on my market stalls.

 My dwarf red snake beans are just flowering now and already have a few little beans growing. These beans only grow into a little bush but produce long, very thin beans that taste milder than the 'usual' green beans, and they don't have strings.

My green climbing snake beans are only just starting to climb now so they don't have any flowers on them yet.
Snake beans are actually a type of cowpea and hail from Africa so they handle heat well.
I wanted to grow a lot of these this year but birds kept pulling them out and I had to replant three times, and I still only ended up with enough plants for seed only.
Next year I will start them off under bird mesh.

Here is one of the first beans from my Blue Speckled Tepary beans.
These are little, semi-bush plants that produce heaps of tiny, speckled beans for drying. They are only small but the size of the bushes and amount of beans make them worth growing, especially since they are fairly drought tolerant and cope with the heat.

The tiny mauve flowers are so cute. These are a good bean for little gardens and people who don't eat a lot of beans.

The last type of bean I am growing is Madagascar beans. These don't like the heat but I have them growing on an eastern facing wall so they get afternoon shade. They did well here last year.
These are a large bean with lots of purple spots on them. They are not huge producers but the size of the beans make up for it a bit.
I don't have a pic of them right now as they are not yet flowering.

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