Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hopniss and finger limes again

It was wonderful today, we had some welcome showers adding up to 13ml of rain. I didn't have to go out to water this afternoon.

I collected three lots of seed today, white Russian kale, rainbow silverbeet and the very last of the crimson flowered broad beans. I have quite a few beds to resow now and will work out what I am going to put in tonight. I guess some more carrots (I have to get some growing if I put enough in, surely), Beetroot and kohlrabi. Maybe I will also plant some of the left over oca and chinese artichoke plants I have left over in pots so they don't get wasted.

My hopniss (Apios americana, or American groundnut) is growing very well this year, it has certainly helped to grow it up vertical strings rather then the horizontal strings I tried last year.

I have three beds now, one to harvest each year for the biggest tubers. One of the beds has nothing for the plants to grow on, I am seeing how well they grow just sprawled along the ground.

My single finger lime that set fruit this year is looking very good even though it is still such a small plant. It hasn't dropped any fruit so far so I might get a good harvest later. The fruit are filling out nicely.

This is a green variety. Finger limes come in a range of colours, both in skin and flesh colours. I have a pink, green and purple. The colour will show when the fruit are ripe.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to attend the evening market in Portland. I really hope I do well as I am getting sick of barely coming out even with no profit that I have had in the last half dozen markets. Now that my vegetables are harvestable I should be getting better takings. I will have a full van load of produce as well as a tray or two of plants. I need a bigger van as the tables and marquee take up half the space. I need to win tatts, hmmm.
For some reason, this year people haven't been as interested in the plants I have had to take lately. I think it is because I have had to go to markets in small and conservative towns where people don't like to try new things.

My main market in Hamilton doesn't have a January market so I can't wait till February. For the moemnt I am just going to have to muddle through with other random markets. At least there seem to be a few more around at this time than there were last year.
I have a heap of beds of veg to harvest so I have to keep selling so they don't go to waste. I have kale, Portugese cabbage, white beetroot, kohlrabi, silverbeet and rhubarb to name a few.

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