Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First potato seedling results

Well it is the end of another year, and the end of the mild weather. From tomorrow it looks like the temperatures are becoming true summer temps. Saturday is supposed to be in the 40s. I am not looking forward to it but at least it has been nice so far with milder weather between the higher temps.

I dug my potato seedlings from last year to see how they went. Unfortunately I lost some plants and tubers due to wind blowing down the pots so I only ended up with four seedlings. They were seedlings of the varity 'Asol'.

When the seedlings died down in winter I took out the little thumbnail sized tubers (the seed was planted late so the little seedlings didn't put on much growth) and planted them out in a bed in four rows. All of the tubers are still small so will need another year to grow out to truly see what they are like.

One of the rows didn't make it.

Far left - I got two tubers from this seedling. They are a bit like Kipfler in shape. Nice smooth skins and yellow flesh. One of the plants didn't grow well and had an ants nest at the base which is why the tubers are very small.

Middle - three tubers/plants grew from the original sedling. As you can see the resulting tubers were bigger but covered in scab which is odd since no potatoes have been grown there before and none of my other potatoes have any sign of scab. It just goes to show that these pathogens are already in most soils and will show when anything that is prone to them will show.
I will be destroying these potatoes as I don't want plants prone to disease.

Right - only one little tuber survived but the results are good. The tubers are roundish and smooth with yellow flesh.

I am going to try and find a supplier of true potato seed as I love growing them and finding out what I will get.

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