Monday, December 29, 2014

Celtuce, oca and the last of the berries

It was blowing a gale all day today, combined with a few showers, altogether not a day where I felt like doing much work outside.

 I picked the last of the celtuce seeds. I will let the tops dry in this tub for a week or two then clean the seeds. Lettuce seeds (Celtuce is a type of lettuce grown for its juicy stem rather than for the leaves) are a bugger to clean so I may end up leaving them a bit longer.

I love celtuce not only for eating but also because they are easy to grow all year round.

Today I picked the last of my raspberries and blueberries. It is sad to see the end of them, the season is so short.
I will get a small flush of extra raspberries in autumn but it won't be much.

I am continually surprised that my two blueberry bushes even survive here in my alkaline soil but they are looking healthier than ever this year. I do give them a handful of sulphur each spring which helps with the soil.
I really should take some cuttings and grow some more.

I did get out and start potting up this years crop of seedling oca. I am hoping for some amazing new varieties this year though I won't be able to choose the best till they grow out fully next year.
My bed of seedlings from last year are looking and growing really well so I will be able to see if there are any in that lot worth naming as a new variety. I doubt it though because I only got 7 seedlings and the chance of a better one is remote with that small amount. It is fun though

I am going to try growing a lot more potatoes from seed if I can find someone who can sell me some true potato seed. We are a bit limited in varieties in Australia but there are so many hundreds of varieties overseas that I am a bit jealous.
Oh well, I will try me hardest to get one or two more interesting coloured varieties out there in the next few years.


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    1. Thank you for your comment, I love hearing from my readers :)