Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back again and exhausted

Well, I am back from taking some guys on a survival course out in the forests around here. We got back yesterday afternoon, a day early because a couple of them had very sore feet. When I tell people what to bring I will have to make it clear that they are compulsory, not just suggestions. The guys turned up in very unsuitable footwear.

At least they seemed to enjoy the experience and I refunded them for the unused day so I think they went away happy, but exhausted and sore.

Here are the guys on the second day with empty bellies after finally working out a way to open a can of tuna without any can opener or tools.

That was probably the best tasting can of tuna they have ever eaten.

They days have been warm so after I got back I had to go and water everything. I was expecting all the veg to be wilted but although some were starting to feel the heat they had stood up to three days of heat without water very well. I think I am watering everything too well and can probably lessen it a bit.

I am heading off to a small market tomorrow to try and sell some of the potted plants that didn't get sold on my open day. I have a heap of veg ready to harvest but I just don't have enough room in the van to take both. There is a market on in Portland next weekend so I will take veg to that one.

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