Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sorry it has been a few days, the evenings have been so nice that I have been spending them outside instead of in here writing.
It was hot and windy today which dried out everything so much that I had to water all the seedling beds twice, morning and night. Still, everything is looking great for my open day in two weeks.
The day after my open day I have to take a group out on a survival course for four days so I will be very busy. I went to the Mount today to pick up some things for the course.

I got a call a couple of days ago asking if I would like to be the Victorian contract instructor for one of the up and coming survival course companies in Australia. They have a good reputation and I have been keeping up with them on forums for a couple of years now (and they have been keeping an eye on me) so of course I said yes. This will be a nice added income a few times a year. The company is Australian Survival Instructors:  just in case you are interested.

For the first time ever I am having a really bad time getting carrots up. Considering that they are my best sellers at markets this is becoming a real problem.

On all my blocks the carrot seedlings are being eaten off as soon as they reach about 1cm tall or so. It is really embarassing that all my carrot beds have only a handful of seedlings in them. I can't find out what is doing it but I suspect something like earwigs though there doesn't seem to be that many around.

I don't want to lay down any poison but I might have to one one bed just to see if it helps.

One of my forum friends sent me some tubers of a potato that is purple inside and out that he grew from true seed.
The plants are growing very well but there doesn't seem to be any tubers under them even though they are starting to flower. These plants are also spreading by underground stems which I haven't seen before. I am very interested in seeing what happens with these plants and if the tubers are just deeper than usual which is why I haven't felt them.
Time will tell.

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