Thursday, November 27, 2014

Growing figs from seed

There is not much news to tell today. I have been busy weeding, again, and doing a little tidying up for my open day but not much else.

I have mentioned before that a couple of years ago I got some seed from two varieties of fig from Turkey. After a bit of an accident I have been left with only a couple of dozen young trees which is a pain as only around one in fifty seed grown fig trees (from one professional source on the internet) produce fruit without caprifigs and wasps.

One of the surprising things I have found is that some of my seedling trees have quite ornamental leaves which might be worth keeping, at least for a while, just for this quality.

It is still a couple of years away till I will know if they will produce fruit so I have time to think about what I will do with the ones that don't, which will more than likely be all of them. I could keep a couple for ornamental purposes, or graft some good fruiting wood onto them, although figs grow so easily from cuttings that I don't really need to.

I just don't know right now. I will probably just pull them out but it a fun experiment anyway..

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