Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finger limes and high heat

I thought I would just start on this post while I am waiting for the heat to subside a bit outside. It is still 36 C outside, a temperature that wouldn't normally hit till January. Already some peoples water tanks are empty.
In an hour I will start my watering so I can be back in around 9pm when the sun sets, I really don't like to work after dark.

 Only one of my native finger limes has set fruit this year. I am not disappointed as they are still only little plants.
This one has heaps of fruit set but I expect that it will lose some as they grow. I think it ends up being a green one if memory serves.

When I first got some of these trees I thought they were probably only a novelty but I really like the fruit. They make great garnishes for all sorts of dishes and look great of crackers also.
 My chufa plants are growing gangbusters with this warm weather. It certainly helps putting them in at the right time, I was too early last year.

I have one bed dedicated to chufa and one bed where it is coming up from missed tubers from last year.
I should have put more in so I will have some to eat myself but I just didn't have enough beds. With the amount they produce I will still be able to eat some as there are not enough people here who know about them to buy them.

My grapes are flowering well now with a heap more growth than last year, they will need a good pruning in the autumn to get them trained onto the fence.

I should get a good feed this year, if I can keep them away from dad.
The two varieties I have are Pink Iona and Black Maroo.
I love Pink Iona as it has the most unusual taste, totally non grape like. Theya re seedy which I usually hate but the taste makes up for that.
Maroo is a seedless black grape that I haven't tasted yet as the plants were too scrawny last year.

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