Saturday, November 8, 2014

Even though it is so dry I am pleased at how everything is growing. All the blocks will be looking great for my open day next month.
I have been on Ebay to buy a heap of row markers so people can easily see what is planted there, I just hope they get here on time. Postage from overseas has been very slow lately.

 My tamarillos weren't affected by the couple of frosts over the last week and they have heaps of flowers on them. I just might actually get some fruit off them this year.
They are three years old now so if they don't produce fruit I will take them out and replace with something else. I believe that the high summer temps we get here is a reason they don't fruit well but since they are flowering a bit earlier this year I might miss the hottest weather and get lucky.

I love tamarillo fruit. to me they taste like a mix of passionfruit and kiwifruit. If mine fruit this year I will see if I can get a yellow or orange variety as well.

Tamarillos are native to the Andes and in the same family as tomatoes. The leaves are large and furry. Most references say the leaves smell like mice but to me they smell like popcorn.

A new veg for this year is Tronchuda kale (or Portugese kale). It is supposed to be better in the heat than other kale, and the leaves are more tender and juicy.

It is growing well right now and I have it under netting to keep off the white butterflies, but something is still eating them. I think it is snails.

I don't have very sensitive taste buds and for me they taste just like other kale. I think it will be a hit with leafy vegetable lovers though as the leaves are definitely juicier.

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