Friday, November 14, 2014

Cucumbers, yam daisies and shows

Well, tomorrow is the Casterton show and I will be judging the produce section. I wanted to encourage people to get a bit more creative with their vegetable growing so I sponsored the section to give much better prize money, asked for more categories, and offered to be the judge.
Unfortunately the main exhibitor had a medical problem earlier in the year so he probably won't be entering anything this year but I hope the better prize money entices some others to give it a go. I want people to be proud of growing their own food.

 With the earlier warm weatehr this year I have my first cucumber nearly ready already. There are a couple of zucchini flowers about to open also.

Things are going to be looking great for my open day, but there will be a few bare, just seeded beds because I have just pulled out all my garlic and most of the broad beans.
I had hoped the broad beans would last a bit longer but the severe rust problem I had just ruined them. I have cut down one bed so the roots will shoot again though.

So much for trying the yam daisies again this year. The scrawny things are dying already. They do great in pots so I tried giving them similar conditions this year with better soil, more water and shade, just like the potted ones have but it has made no difference. I don't know what to do next.

I really want to be able to grow them in beds so I will just have to keep experimenting. At least some of them grew enough to give me some seed.

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