Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chilean guava and Jersey shallots

Apart from a little weeding and watering in the morning I didn't get much done today, though I do have to go out and water again after I finish writing this.
I picked my first cucumber today so I guess that summer is officially here :)  I am so looking forward to picking the summer veg and getting into fresh salads. Making a salad from supermarket bought veg just doesn't taste the same.

My Chilean guava (Ugni molinae) is opening its flowers now. I love the berries on this bush but they are too small to use commercially easily, although the Tasmanians have been trying to get an industry around them going for a few years now. They are trying to sell the brand as Tassie Berries. I hate it when they do that, it is deceiving people in my view.
They are having trouble with using them commercially mainly because the berries are difficult to pick with machinery, and expensive to pick by hand

Chilean guava is a pretty, evergreen, small shrub that loves growing in the shade and is native to Chile (who would have guessed, lol). The red berries are delicious and supposed to be even better in jam, but mine will never make it into the house. This is a perfect childrens berry that they can have fun picking and eating while helping out in the garden.

Last summer I bought some 'Jersey' shallots which are a large, pink and delicious shallot.
lately they have been behaving like walking onions by putting up tiers of topsets. I am not sure this is normal for shallots so I am wondering if I got the variety wrong.

You may remember a long time ago that I was talking about these plants and how delicious they were. I am going to get rid of all my little golden shallots and only grow these I think. They taste better and are bigger, so easier to use.

I was hoping they would have started to die down by now so I could have some to sell at my open day but they are still going strong right now. I might have to cut back the watering, but it will still be too late. My open day is only just over a week away.

It is going to be a very busy week with a market, then the open day and then the day after taking a groups out on a four day survival course in the bush. I am going to be exhausted.

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