Friday, October 24, 2014

Todays stuff and 'edimentals for your garden'

I'm already sick of this unusually hot weather and it isn't even summer yet. I have had to start watering every two days now rather than twice a week as everything is drying out so fast. At least the weather means that everything is growing well and the earth mite seem to have left for the summer.

 I was going to plant my chufa in Novenber this year but as the weather was so warm I planted them three weeks ago and they are starting to pop up now.
I grew chufa for the first time last summer and I really liked the taste so I am growing two beds this year. They produce so well that I only need two beds for seed and for myself. If I was confident of being able to sell them as produce I would grow more but I think that might take another year or so to convince my customers.

My white alpine strawberry bed is also showing life. They are even ripening their fruits. I love the taste of white alpines but it is a pity they are too soft to take to market. Oh well, I will just have to eat them all myself. What a hardship, lol.

It has been a month now since I started trying geo mat as weedmat and I am very pleased with it so far.
Although it lets in a little light it is not enough to let germinated weeds seeds get a start so I am happy with its performance.
It is not so great with strong weeds like running grasses (couch etc) but that just means that I have to have my beds well prepared before laying it down.

It is so nice to work with that I will never go back to 'normal' weed mat.

Edimentals for your garden

An 'edimental' is an Edible Ornamental. These are plants that people usually grow for flowers or other ornamental uses, and usually gardeners don't know they are edible.

Here is a list that I am growing. If you search for edible flowers you will find more on Google.

  • Daylily: Both the open flowers and unopened flower buds are edible raw and in stir fries. The flower petals are surprisingly sweet.
  • Hosta: The still curled new leaves are edible raw or cooked, especially fried.
  • Brodiaea: The bulbs are edible raw and cooked
  • Viola: Viola and pansy flowers look great in salads
  • Pineapple guava: The flower sepals are edible and many people don't know how great the fruit is.
  • Kangaroo paw: The fleshy roots can be cooked and eaten. They are a bit fibrous but certainly edible.
  • Canna lily: As with the kangaroo paw.
  • Jockeys cap lily: The bulbs can be eaten cooked only
  • Fuschia: The ripe fruits can be made into jams but are not outstanding fresh.
  • Dahlia: The tubers of dahlias are edible but some are better than others. Some can be bitter.

Always keep in mind that some garden plants, especially bulbs are very poisonous so don't experiment with plants you don't know.

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