Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seedlings, and My 10 top tasting fruit and vegetables

There was nothing out of the ordinary to tell you about today, I just mowed the lawn and planted a few potted trees.

 As I went on my morning inspections I noticed that my first seedling oca that I grew last season have started to shoot from their tubers. I hope I get some good ones.
I have ordered some more seed but it hasn't arrived yet and I hope it hasn't been confiscated by customs. As long as I haven't got one of their 'love letters' I can still hope they will get here.

It will be the year for tomatoes I think. I am having self seeded seedlings popping up everywhere, and since I also have heaps in trays to plant out I am going to be over-run. Oh well, you can never have too many tomatoes.
A lot of the ones in trays I will pot up to sell through the nursery that takes my plants.
I am not getting as many melons popping up in the beds this year. I think it is because I didn't grow many last year so there were not many melons left to rot on the ground.

My top tasting fruits and vegetables to grow.

This list is entirely based on my own preferences, and other people will choose different plants. I am a sweet tooth who likes my food to be mild tasting and really doesn't like bitter foods so that is where I am coming from.
This list is based in fruit and veg that can be grown here so I have left out tropical fruits.

Melons:  I LOVE sweet melons. I am already salivating at the thought of picking ripe, juicy and sweet melons after Christmas. I can't give you the names of my favourites as there are so many, in fact I can probably only name a few that I don't like. I am growing about 40 varieties this year, well down on the over 50 varieties I grew a couple of years ago.
I suppose that if I have to name a few best ones that immediately come to mind I would have to go with Orangeglo watermelon, Crane, Nior Des Carmes and Sweet Passion. If you want to know more about just about any melon you can get go to my melon website:  http://www.melonmaster.com

Tomatoes:  Home grown tomatoes are so much better than shop bought ones that they are almost a different fruit. The sweetness as well as the versatility of tomatoes has to put them at the top of any list. There are so many great ones that it is hard to name the best but I will place Black Krim, Yellow Brandywine and Wild Current at the top of mine.

Scorzonera:  This little known vegetable tastes a lot like artichoke hearts, and is so weird looking ( it looks a bit like black sticks) that it always causes a sensation at markets. It is easy to cook and eat and is one of the few vegetables that I will eat anytime.

Golden Raspberries:  After you try Golden Raspberries you will not want to go back to the normal red ones again. They are really sweet and delicious.

Corn:  There are few people who wouldn't put freshly picked sweetcorn on their list of top ten veg.

Potatoes:  Although they are a bit bland in taste, I love potatoes because they are so versatile and filling. I can't imagine going more than a few meals without potatoes. They can be used in sweet as well as savoury dishes and you can really cause a stir with your family if you use a few different colours of spuds in a dish, especially a potato salad.

Muntries:  This hardly known little Australian native berry deserves a lot more attention. The plants grow in almost any soil and bear prolifically. They taste like dried apple and almost everyone likes them at first taste.

Kurrajong: Another native of Australia. The seeds are delicious fried or roasted like you would with nuts but I specially love the raw taproots of seedlings which taste like coconut.

Celtuce: Celtuce is a type of lettuce grown for its fat, juicy stems rather than its leaves. It is delicious and I have to eat the lot when I have some prepared.
I can't describe the taste as it is a taste all its own. I eat it raw (after peeling) but you can also add it to stir fries.

Amaranth:  I don't eat a lot of leafy veg but I do like amaranth as it is mild in taste and not bitter. It tastes like a cross between artichoke hearts and silverbeet but without the silverbeet bitterness. It is also easy and fast to grow.

I could add some other fruit and veg like yacon, strawberries, brodiaea and snow peas and it was a bit of a struggle to choose what to put in the top ten. Maybe I should have made it a top 20, or even a top 30, lol.

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