Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jam competition and mixed mutterings

Today was the long awaited day when it was time to take in my entries for the Great Victorian Jam and Chutney challenge. I couldn't pass this one up because the prize money is good.
I made two jams - Hawaiian Sunrise (banana, pineapple and coconut jam) and rhubarb jam, a kohlrabi chutney and a sweet apple sauce. I am really only happy with the Hawaiian Sunrise jam but I am prepared to be surprised with the others. It is judged on Saturday Oct 25. Wish me well.

Just before starting on this post I had to go out and cover up as many frost tender seedlings as I could because they are predicting a severe frost tonight, just when all the melons, tomatoes and corn are coming up *sigh*. Luckily I had cut up my geo fabric roll into bed-sized lengths to put on some of the seedlings, and I am hoping that the shadecloth covers will also give a degree or two of protection. We will see.
I am pleasantly surprised every year when we get a late frost how the seedlings cope well with it. I suppose they can cope with a single frost but wouldn't cope with more than one in a row.
I got a babaco plant  in the mail yesterday but I can't put it outside because of the couple of cold nights this week. I bought it because we will have our new hothouse next winter. I have tried growing them before but just couldn't keep them alive through the winter.

Tomorrow I will be seeding my last empty beds so all that will need to be done for the next three months is weeding and watering. I will put in another bed or two of carrots, because you can never have enough carrots, as well as some celtuce since the earth mites polished off the last lot, and some beets. I must remember to keep a bed free for my bambara beans which will go in next month.

I noticed yesterday that the garlic is starting to put out scapes so at least I will have something interesting for the market. I won't have much else, just broad beans and seeds but at least I will have a presence there. It will be December before I will have full tables again.

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