Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goat problems and broad beans

I have to tell you a little bit about one of my sisters. She and her family like to be as self sufficient as possible, (often with her husband rolling his eyes and sighing) and her life seems to be one continuous drama. I tell you, that family is like a cross between Ma and Pa Kettle and The Beverly Hillbillies. It is fun to see what excitement has been happening every time she rings up.

Anyway... on Tuesday she rings up to tell me that her children informed her that the house was 'Baaaing', which is not something that anyone who knows them would be surprised about. She investigated and found that her milking do, who had been on the brink of giving birth for the last few weeks, had decided that it might be a good idea to crawl under the house, right in the middle of the house, to give birth to her kids.

Ok, so after my sister wriggled her way through dirt and spider webs in the crawlspace to check on her very high producing and valuable goat she thought that there might be something wrong so she came out to ring me for advice. I had to tell her that she had to get that doe out before she could really see what was going on. So back she went into the cobwebs to drag the kids out so the doe would follow.

So, after inserting her hand to make sure there were no more kids, and waiting to make sure the doe was ok everything is good now. We had been joking about how many kids she would have this year as this doe has a habit of giving birth to litters but instead of having 5 or 6 she thought she might try a different tactic and only have three, but three WHOPPERS. How did she push them out I wonder.She is going to have a rest next year. Really, what sort of goat would give birth in the crawl space under a house????

 Anyway, back to my stuff. I had been ignoring a heap of trees that had been sitting in pots in the back block for the last couple of years in the hope they would just go out and plant themselves. Today I decided that I just couldn't keep being cruel to them so I will be planting them out tomorrow. They don't look like much in this photo but these are all deciduous trees which are only starting to bud now, and the pots are filled with weeds.

I'm a bit disappointed that my few Scarlet Cambridge broad beans have started to rot at the base and die, and the beans are not near ripe yet. I hope a couple of plants survive to ripen their beans as these are delicious. I don't like broad beans but I tasted some a few days ago and this variety is delicious. A totally different and fruity taste to other broad beans and I will be growing a lot more of them, as long as I get seeds.

My asparagus is finally starting to pop out of the ground. I am not harvesting this year as the plants were divided earlier in the year. They will be great next spring.

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