Saturday, October 11, 2014

Geo fabric as weedmat, and funny vegetable personality quiz

Today I received a 50 metre roll of 140gsm geo fabric. I have to tell you that I HATE weedmat, it is so hard to handle and frays everywhere.
A few weeks ago I bought a few metres of this geo fabric to see how it would go as weed mat. It is normally used to stop erosion on building sites, roadways and irrigation trenches. I is so nice to feel, almost like real fabric and lets air and water through much better than 'normal' weed mat.

It does let in a little more light but not much and mostly stops weed growth, and although it is just as light as weed mat it doesn't seem to blow around as much. I made some wire pegs to hold it down and they are going well. In a few months I will be able to judge whether it is good enough to put on most of my beds.

 A week or two ago I told you how I am having trouble keeping my hardy kiwi plants alive in the summer.
I ended up planting them next to my parents shadehouse and they have really taken off. They are looking better than I had hoped and growing so fast now that I will have to put up something for them to climb on in the next few days.

Now I just hope they survive the winter as this area gets waterlogged in winter and spring.

My bed of walking onions is taking off as well. They are so crowded and dividing so rampantly that I will have to put them into a bigger bed next year.
They are just starting to put out their second tier.

What is your fruit/vegetable personality
Choose your favourite superhero (or someone you most admire), this will show your personality type. Does the name of your choice start with:

A - You're an Asparagus. You pop up early when things need to be done, putting all your effort into it then burning out.
B - Broccoli. Your head is so full of ideas you feel like exploding.
C - Crabapple. People find it hard to like you until they get to know you better, but they always need to be careful not to antagonise you.
D - Daylily. You are bright and beautiful, always with a happy face and demeanor. 
E - Eggplant. Oh so funny, you always have people in tears of laughter. Keep it coming and you will be surrounded by friends, but you should still let them know if you have problems that are no laughing matter.
F - Finger lime. Exotic and interesting, you are full of surprises.
G - Grape. You are a social climber but be careful not to smother others on your way up. Give generously and people will help you up the ladder.
H - Horseradish. With a hot and fire personality people need to always be on their toes around you, but you area challenge that brings out the best (or worst) in people.
I - Iceberg lettuce. Mild mannered and cool headed, you are a great stabilising force for all the people around you.
J - Jaboticaba.  Wow, people think you are a plain Jane but watch their faces when you put your mind to a project. They never expected that!
K - Kohlrabi. You might be rough outside but you always have friends because you are so versitile, you can do almost anything.
L - lemon. With an acid tongue, you have to watch what you say at all times. Even so, your friends love you anyway.
M - Mangelwurzel. Big, and hairy (well you would be if you let yourself go), you are the hillbilly of vegetables. Always fun to be around and down to earth.
N - Nectarine. You are so sweet that people think they can take advantage of you. Just smile and let them think they can until you fulfil your plan.
O - Onion. Multi-layerd, no-one really ever knows what is going on inside your head, and you like it that way.
P - Pumpkin. Solid and reliable, you are always there when anyone needs you.
Q - Quince. You tend to leap to judgement but try to hold off before talking.
R - Radish. You have a quick mind and tend to rush things without thinking them through. 
S - Strawberry. So sweet, everyone loves you. 
T - Tomato.  You are a homebody, and know that the pretenders are never as good as those who put their heart into life.
U - Ugni. You like to keep to the shadows but have a lot to offer, if only people would ask. Try to let people know of your valuable skills, they are not mind readers.
V - Vanilla. People think you are a normal, everyday person but they don't know you at all. Climb those poles or trees and show off once in a while.
W - Watermelon.  You love people but try not to overwhelm people with your personality - you might get your juicyness all over them and they will have to leave to clean up.
X - Xanthosoma.  You are majestic and put it all out there, but no-one can see through that to get to your heart. 
Y - Yam. Your roots are your stabilising influence but it might be nice to ignore your past to grow in the future.
Z - Zucchini. You give so generously that you risk burning out. Make sure you have a long rest every year to rebuild your strength.

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