Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Turnip cabbages, rosella and broad beans again

It was nice to get a coolish day with a bit of drizzle. I wish it was more rain but we have to be thankful for what we get I guess. I have had to start watering my blocks but I am hopeful that the warm weather means that I will have veggies ready to sell earlier than usual and before the very hot weather starts.

I have planted out my new, and rare, turnip cabbages. I know you can't actually see the seedlings in this photo but is won't be long till I will be able to show them off. I just hope the starlings leave them alone.

I am so looking forward to getting these going and tasting.

I now have heaps of melon, pumpkin and zucchini seedlings up now. Some will be going to the nursery on Saturday and some are spares for the blocks.

I have planted some out today directly into the ground which is how I prefer to plant them but I like to also have some in tubes for those that don't make it.

I am giving rosella another go this year. Last year I bought seeds and lovingly watched them grow only to find out that they weren't rosella at all. These are from a reputable seller so they should be right this time.

I keep thinking I just about have all the crops I can plant here but every year I find new stuff to grow. I am excited to think about what I will find for next spring.

All the broad beans are setting nicely. I still have a heap of seeds (kilos) that I didn't get rid of from last season so I had better package them up to sell at the market for cooking.

I am really going to have to restrict my broad bean growing next year. I let all the self sown ones grow from where I pulled up the plants last year and I have so many now that I am overrun. They are all over the place.
As you can see from the photo, the plants are all affected by rust to some extent and I have already noticed a few that seem a bit more resistant so I will tag them shortly and keep seeds from them.

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