Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seedlings and stuff

With a week of frosty mornings I am busy covering or moving my germinating seedlings so they are not damaged. I have given in and started them a lot earlier than I normally do, even though that means that some of the veg will be ready to pick in January when the markets are on holiday. I will have to seek out some other sales avenues.

 I have been putting some of the trays of seedlings out on the lawn for a bit of sun during the day as all the space in the polyhouse is filled and these are being kept in the shadehouse at the moment where it is a bit dark.
After having a neighbours cat walk on them one day I have started covering them up with bird netting. The problem with the bird netting is that if it lays on the seedlings they grow through it and it is difficult to extract the leaves so I keep it off them with bits of bamboo stakes.

 My melons and zucchinis are starting to germinate well after a few sunny days so I hope the heavy frost that we are supposed to be getting tomorrow morning doesn't hurt them. Even in the polyhouse it will be cold.
I will grow half of what I need now and put in more seeds in 6 weeks to extend the growing season. That should fix the problem of so much waste when they ripen all at once between markets.

The seedling bearded iris that I grew from collected seed last summer are looking good. I am not sure if any will be big enough to flower this year but I am looking forward to seeing what I get next year.

I lost a few through neglect but I have 21 plants out in the bed now. It will be interesting to see what sort of variety I get as the parents were so different in colours.

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