Saturday, September 6, 2014

More super springness

Another scarily sunny day today. At least if we are going to get an horrific summer this year, at least we will have a comfortable and enjoyable spring.

I went to Merino today to sell some veg outside the shop. It was very pleasant sitting there doing crosswords but, unfortunately, there weren't many people about. I sold a bit, enough to pay for the fuel and a bit extra but not everything. At least I don't have to pay out for a stall or anything when I go there.

I'm not sure if you can notice in this picture but my tamarillos are starting to produce flower buds already. I hope I get a good crop off them this year. They were still too young last year.
I have them all growing under trees to protect them from frosts and they have all survived the winter. They have a lot of burnt leaves but are budding out all over with new leaves.

I love tamarillos, they taste like passionfruit to me.

My few surviving raspberries are shooting out also. I lost nearly all of them last summer but this year I have transplanted them to better soil and where I will be able to cover them from the hot sun if necessary.

My favourite are the yellow raspberries. The taste is divine.
I must remember to take some cuttings off them tomorrow.

Here are some of the trays of seedlings I am growing for the landscape nursery where I am selling my plants at the moment. They are loving the sun and warm weather and are popping up very quickly.

I have also bought some expensive seeds from Baker Creek called turnip cabbage or  Naone Rosse. It is a cabbage grown for its big turnip-like root and is a very rare heirloom from Italy. I am looking forward to seeing them mature. There was only 20 seeds in the packet so I will only eat one of them and leave the rest to collect seed from. They are reputed to taste sweet and broccoli-like.

Here is a (borrowed, lol) picture of them from Baker Creek:
Naone Rosse Trentino Antica

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