Saturday, September 20, 2014

General observations

I didn't see anything that was interesting enough to take a photo of today but I will go out again with the camera tomorrow.

Today was another glorious day, after the slight frost. Some my plants that have started shooting early were burnt by the frost on Friday morning but they will come back soon with this fine weather. The spuds, hardy kiwifruit and my new little lotus have some black leaves but it wasn't bad enough to damage the tamarillos. I sure hope I get fruit off the tamarillos this year. I have taken a heap of cuttings off them to sell and some to keep.

I dug a few more beds this morning and planted some of the seedlings I have growing in pots. Kale, celtuce etc. I still think it is a bit soon but if they bolt I still have plenty of seed and time to plant again. Bolting plants also make a good green manure to dig in so nothing will be wasted.

It is only a week til the HIRL market at Hamilton and the trays of seedlings I have to take to the landscape/nursery will be ready to go. I was a bit worried but I got them in at the right time. I hope it goes well for them and they keep up orders at that will pay for my fuel and market fees when I drop them off after every market. They seems to be happy with the tubers I sold them over the past couple of months and have sold them well.

I planted what is left of my hardy kiwi plants (Actinidia arguta) next to our shadehouse. I have barely been able to keep them alive in pots, and have had no luck in the ground so far as they just can't handle the boiling summers but as these ones are just doing nothing in pots I thought I would give it one last go and plant them in the only shaded area I have. The only problem is that this area gets a bit waterlogged in spring.
If they don't thrive here then I will just let them go. I hope that I have at least one male plant among them as kiwifruit males are prone to dying when stressed, and these plants have been really stressed over the past three years.

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