Monday, September 15, 2014

Garlic problems and diseases

Over the past week I have been worried about one of my beds of garlic in J block. It has been getting sicker each day.

This photo doesn't look as bad as the plants look in the 'flesh' as it were. There is still two months before these will be ready to pull but the plants leaves are going yellow and blotched.

It is not rust and although garlic is prone to virus diseases the other bed of this variety (Monaro Purple) in another block is fine, and so are the other varieties in the next bed over.

 There are surprisingly few good garlic disease pictures on the internet besides rust and thrip damage, and this doesn't really look like any I have looked at so far.

The young leaves are still looking good but if it keeps going the way it is I may lose the whole bed.

I would have thought the growing conditions here are perfect at the moment and all the other garlic beds are fine so this has me stumped.

 I have noticed a few garlic plants in this block that are deformed and stunted. This is affecting both a few Monaro Purple and a couple of elephant garlic.

I haven't seen this before and surrounding plants are not affected so it is unlikely to be mites or thrips. I am not going to pull them up as I am curious to see how it affects the bulbs.

In one of my beds just about all the plants are multi stemmed even though I only put single cloves in. This is affecting both the hardneck and softneck varieties that I have in that bed.

I have never had such problems with my garlic, it is always so easy to grow. The only problem I usually get is where the cloves start shooting early and popping out through the top of the foliage which is probably caused by fluctuating spring temperatures.

Oh well, if I am going to plant a large crop of it next season I am going to have to recognise diseases so I am taking this as a good lesson in diseases.

Other than checking my garlic I have been busy sowing seeds in trays, especially tomatoes, and potting up a few tubers to offer at markets.


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  2. Hiya, I've found that the bulbs in mine ( South West Aus) that turn yellowish green then grow stunted and twisted, like in your pics, are nematode affected. I remove them, and a small shovelful of soil from around the affected bulb, and burn the lot. Can be seen with a very good naked eye, or pop them under a microscope for a scary close look. I also find when I pull bulbs that have been nematode affected, they smell different the only way I can describe it is a kind of bacon garlic smell, so when trimming and cleaning if I get one that smells like that, out it goes. Definitely don't replant them.
    And yes, there's definitely not a lot of garlic virus information around - that's how I stumbled on this page :)

  3. Rowan, i have seen a few of these same symptoms. The one most striking is the purple varigated leaf. its exactly the same as what ive been seeing in my crop for some months on and off. are you still active on this page? Cheers, Kel.