Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cocky damage and water chestnuts

Another beautiful day today so I got some more straw spread out, it seems like that job is taking forever. I am running out of places to put it, I have covered the beds that I need to and now I am just laying it over the spare grassy bit on J block that I have never got around to using. I will plant pumpkins in it next month.

 This morning I went out to find that cockies had been trimming my small fruit trees. They are such a pain in the bum, especially when they are nipping the tops of my little, seedling figs and other smaller trees.

I started with fig seed a couple of years ago and planted them out in the fruit block last year. They are still very small but I expect them to grow well over the spring now that they are settled in.
I know that there is only a small chance of getting a fig tree that fruits from seed but it is fun trying.

After the dismal harvest of water chestnuts last year because they just got too hot over summer I am digging the tubs into the ground and have a shadecloth cover for them this year.

They grew well the year before so I know that they do well in tubs.

I have also bought a lotus tuber off Ebay (smacks own hand) which will go into one tub.

I love lotus root and if I can get them to grow well in a tub I will try next year to find someone with a dam to grow them in.
Last year I tried growing them from seed but they didn't take off. I will try again with a few more seeds but getting a tuber with a growing point will make it less of a risk if the seeds don't work again.

While I was on Ebay I also bought a Tzimbalo plant (Solanum caripense). It is the ancestor of the Pepino adn although the fruit might not be great I am going to try crossing it with pepino and see what I get. The tzimbalo fruit is small and edible but seedy, anyway it will be interesting to have something new.   

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