Thursday, September 4, 2014


Another nice, sunny day today, perfect weeding weather. Weeding is a bit unstimulating as a blog subject so I won't go on about it though.

Today a friend of mine dropped off 4 bathtubs into my carport while I was down the street.
After a bit of wheelbarrow work I got them over to the back block where I will fill them with dirt and water for my lotus and water chestnuts.

How lucky am I? free bathtubs. They will fit a lot more plants in them than the plastic tubs I was planning to use.

All I have to do now is make something to fill the holes where the plugs go and blob a bit of solastic about to make them watertight and they will be ready to go.

My very expensive lotus tuber is going to be posted on monday so I should have it by thursday, by which time I will have the tubs ready to go. Although I had a very pitiful harvest of water chestnuts last season I still have enough for the tubs, especially as they expand quite well to fit the available area.

A few days ago I filled some seed trays with dirt and sowed  a variety of vegetables in them as the landscaping place wants trays of seedlings so they can sell handfuls of them.
They are germinating today and with this weather, will be ready to send when I get to the next Hamilton market. I am starting with lettuce mix, celtuce, purple peacock broccoli, red russian kale and vivd choi to start with, just to see how they go.
Later in the month I will start putting in some melons and pumpkins in tubes for them. I have already filled a heap of pots of other plants. It looks like they will be a good buyer of what I have to sell.

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  1. We pick up free baths from a local builder who removes them from houses when they are to be replaced. I grow veggies in mine, they make great garden beds :)