Monday, August 11, 2014

Spring is edging closer

I always consider the start of winter to be when the top temperatures each day in a week are more below 15 degrees than above, and the end of winter is the opposite. This week we are supposed to get 4 days of 15 or above so if the next week is the same I am going to declare winter over.

Although we are due for some more frosts the days should be nice, as have been the last couple of days, and I have been busy putting out straw and planting 4 beds of yacon. I was going to plant more yacon but the growing sets are not selling well, and that is where I make my money. Maybe I could get local eateries interested in the tubers but I cannot bank on that.

I had to start planting the yacon early as it is already starting to shoot but I will hold off as long as possible with the oca and other tubers.

The blocks are looking a bit sad right now with a lot of empty beds and sickly plants. I am busy getting the empty beds ready for planting and putting straw on those beds that are going to have tuberous vegetables or melons in them.

This is D block right now. It still has a few beds of kohlrabi, kale and silverbeet growing as well as a couple of beds of broad beans.
The soil is looking so good after adding heaps of straw, manure and compost for two years. You wouldn't know that this block was almost pure sand when I begun. I seems to have fixed the nematode problem also. If I could fix the Earth Mite problem I would be extremely happy.
I love this block, maybe because of all the work I have put into it. I am going to be sad when the owner decides he wants to build his house on it. he said 5 years, and I have had it for 2 1/2 years now.

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