Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spring cleaning in the beds

Today the days was nice so I got busy spring cleaning some of the beds. I weeded and dug and pulled up a couple of beds of carrots and beets to select the best for seed.

 This is one bed of white mangels. For some reason they haven't done much good over the winter so I didn't have a lot of good ones to put back in, only 14, but that is enough for seed.

I have time to put in another bed of seedstock so I might do that this week.

My piddly harvest of hard-shell gourds are finally moulding and drying. These are some of them, the others are on the other side of the polyhouse. They are usually all very mouldy by now.

I have made shaded beds for this years crop so I should have a lot more to sell next year. At least all the ones that I managed to harvest this year were large ones which are easy to sell, even if they aren't very cost effective. I just love growing them.

While I was out working I decided to prune a couple of my beds of kale. They are looking a bit scrappy at this time of year so I got in and picked off all the yellow and older leaves.
This does two things, it makes the plants hurry up and grow more young leaves, and if someone comes and wants some kale it is a lot easier to pick without having to sort through the bad stuff to get to the good leaves.

I have got about half my straw out now. Whew, it seems to grow more as I am putting it out. At least all my potatoes are covered as well as all the beds I am planning to use for melons.

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