Thursday, August 7, 2014


I got another two bales of straw delivered yesterday but it was too rainy to put it out. The seller was only asking $20 per bale but I felt I was ripping him off at that price so I made him take $100, which is still a bargain.
He told me that even at his price he didn't get much response from his newspaper ad. That is so sad, you would expect to pay AT LEAST $7 per bale anywhere else, and that is before delivery. I would have though that heaps of people would be ringing him up for that price. Oh well, at least I got mine and he will put away another four bales for me till after Christmas so I can mulch my walkways when I put my garlic crop in next year.
Today I got busy putting out one bale mulching my fruit trees and a heap of empty beds. As the trees didn't grow very much last year I am hoping that the straw will keep their roots a bit damper because I can't water most of this block.
In these pictures the trees look even smaller than they actually are. As this is their second year in they are really going to power away this coming year.

The taller tree in this picture is a white sapote. I am really impatient for these to grow and fruit.

The two larger trees in this second pic are a couple of avocados. I am surprised they survived so well out in the open last year.

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