Friday, August 29, 2014

Black garlic experiment - FAIL

After almost a month in the rice cooker I took out the three bulbs of garlic yesterday. The instructions on the internet seemed so simple, but I failed. Instead of soft and spreadable, black cloves mine turned out caramel coloured and firm.

 The first bulb I took inside to take off the foil wrapper and see how it went... big mistake. It ponged to high heaven. not a rotten stink, just a garliccy 'not right' smell. The taste was even worse. I threw it out.

Today I inspected the other two bulbs now that they had dried and aired a bit. They didn't smell as much and the taste was a bit better but they were not black. I threw them out too.
Soo much for that experiment, I won't be trying that again

I spent some of today harvesting for the Hamilton market tomorrow. I decided to dig up all my Kurrajong plants as they were not putting on much new growth.

The tubers were not very big but they are very tasty. The cores are best eaten raw and taste a bit sweet and coconutty.
I will take a bunch to a local restaurant to see if the chef might be interested in them. If he is I might put another bed in soon.

Kurrajong trees are native to Australia and related to baobabs, which can also be grown for their roots, but they grow here where baobabs wont. The kurrajong seeds are also delicious roasted. They are commonly grown as street trees so it is easy to gather the seeds in early winter.

My selecting of scorzonera is starting to pay off. I dug some today and they are great, long, straight and thick. I know this photo of some of them doesn't do them justice, and they have been chopped off here to plant in my seedstock bed.

I love scorzonera, not only because it tastes good, but because it can stay in the ground as long as you like and the cores will never go tough. It is a true perennial.

Some people call them 'black salsify' but they are not related, and in my opinion better tasting. Last year they sold ok at the markets so I think I will plant more as I think they will sell even better now that customers have be able to try them.

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